Automatic Updates


I build my own images for a dev environment. I would like to generate new images from time to time that shall get to the qemu devices automatically.

I know there's something in gluon (Freifunk) that works that way. I don't think there's an easy way to embed the gluon solution into my project.

Is there maybe a ready solution somewhere out there?
If not I'm thinking about building my own solution. The idea is to make my images available via a specific URL. I need some kind of version number in order to be able to decide whether it's a new version. I don't know yet how my devices will know what image name to search for... Beyond that I would also like to sign those images with openssl and somehow define that the images needs at least x acmount of valid signatures before it gets automatically installed. Gluon is also using such technique.

Thank you for your help in advance.

I have a modest auto-update process going. You can pull data from /tmp/sysinfo/board_name and from /etc/openwrt_release. That will give you all you need: branch (master or stable release), architecture, subarchitecture, and board name as used in the firmware file names. From that info you can reconstruct the download paths (provided you maintain the structure OpenWrt uses).

I am pushing upgrades, clients check for a 'green light' for upgrades so to speak and when they have it they just pull the most recent build (which is just a 'latest' symlink to whatever build I ran and tested).

I found a new package called attendedsysupgrade-common and auc who looks very promising. Need to check it out...

opkg update
opkg install curl
curl -s | sh -s $USER_PACKAGES