Automatic SIM switching

Hi, does OpenWrt provide any means for (automatic?) SIM switching?
I see RutOS claims that functionality:

AFAIK: No. So I had to do it myself for a commercial application, running on RUT955.
The auto-switchover between WAN/WiFi/WWAN is very reliable on real openwrt. According to teltonikas forum, not the case for Rutos.
I consider native openwrt more reliable, because of better support and (much) newer OS/packages.

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Thanks. Do we have open solution/implementation somewhere at least for Quectel modems, maybe?

Was your solution based on sim_select=1/2 option in /etc/config/system? Does it only works for RUT devices?

Works for me on RUT955

In all cases I know of the switching of the SIM is controlled by a GPIO pin. When it is low one SIM slot is used, when high the other.

By default there is no script that will switch between them based on Internet availability. You have to write your own. The switch between WAN and WWAN is done by interface metric but switching between WWAN(SIM1) and WWAN(SIM2) has to be done by pinging and doing the switch manually.

This is how factory firmware on routers with 2 SIMs works.

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Hmm, I see there is even Multi-SIM support in ModemManager, just need to be sure Quectel EP-06 supports dual SIM actually:

I should be pushing dual SIM support for ModemManager on OpenWrt (with LuCI support) up for review relatively soon

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Oh, that's really interesting!
But my case is somewhat special, I probably won't benefit anyway:


Any update?