Automatic redirect to the new IP

I was reading through the documentation on setting up my router as a dumb AP and the section about changing the IP address of the router from to anything else got me thinking about how we could make this easier for the noobs. Would it be possible in Luci to have an automatic redirect to the new IP? If for example I wanted to change my router's LAN IP from to and when I click "Save & Apply" it brings up the "Connectivity change" pop-up type window. Could we make it open the a new tab or window that opens the new IP address?
Is it a bad idea?


The problem is not necessarily the new IP but rather the network stack of the OS not requesting a new IP. The link does not (always) get down when reconfiguring the network, hence the OS is not aware of the changed situation until the DHCP lease times out.

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Additionally, HTTPS will break in many cases since the self signed cert on a new IP might need a new security exception in the browser.

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Wouldn't that happen anyway when I type in the new address?

Anywho this isn't a hill I'm willing to die on just wanted to make it easier for noobs who mightiss that step.

Is there a way to have the router do a temporary 301 redirect or whatever the html number is.

It depends on what the IP was changed to.

As @andyboeh said, your client might not notice the subnet change, and stay on the old one, until forced to do a new DHCP request.