Automated WireGuard Script

Hi everyone

I've spent some considerate amount of time creating a script to automate the WireGuard server and peer installation. You can find it on the Wiki here.

Let me know what you think and let me know if you discover any bugs/problems etc.


Is it possible to implement Wireguard support in a web interface like GL-iNet? Add users, configure site to site, access to data on usb device. To make it user friendly, without a cli?

Great work! will be nice to have a console output on how the script are used, or even maybe a video, but seems to be a great initiative...
It will be great to have a pkg like wireguard-automate-scripts with these. what do you think?

Well you can do some of the stuff in LuCI in terms of creating the interface and adding the peers, but you still need a terminal shell to see the contents of the keys WireGuard creates to then enter into the various text fields.

I have no experience with packages but I do like writing scripts to help ease and automate the process. As an idea for the package though, you could take the variables I have used, utilise text fields to define the variable values and then generate the configuration.