Automate login portal at public hotspot

Hello, I am new here,,, so please bear with me.... I have now got me the Gl.inet AR750s. I'm on business during the week and have access to a wireless hotspot. Since I am limited in the number of devices that I may log on there I have to switch to the Gl.inet to build their own network. I have now managed to register the AR750 on the network (Wlan Hotspot). The challenge is that the wifi has a login screen. I could now log on to the router once via the cell phone and then landed on the login page. I was able to enter the data and the device now has access to the Internet. All other devices that I now also log on to the device also have access without that I have to go through the login portal. So this works great so far. But now it is so that the login procedure is set by the admin so that the login on the portal must be performed every week. Can I somehow set that the login data in AR750 deposited so that he performs the Anmeldubng in the portal independently?

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Check the travelmate package.

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ok i will triy it,, oh my god,, hardcore english,, i have to use a translater i think :wink: