"Auto Weight" load-balance Multi-WAN

Hi all!
I'm using mwan3 to load balance between 3 mobile ISPs.
Everything works more or less acceptable.
But due to the fact that the quality of communication varies greatly throughout the day for all three mobile operators within the range of 2Mbps - 50Mbps, I cannot set the weight for a specific interface.
Now I use a connection quality check, and focus on the delay, but this does not give the effect I expected.
When I was googling I came across this page
Where is the example described:

For example, suppose there are two WAN interfaces online, WAN1 and WAN2. WAN1's maximum bandwidth is 10Mpbs, and WAN2 is 20Mbps. If both WAN have 5Mbps traffic at the moment, then the remaining bandwidth of WAN1 is 5Mbps, and WAN2 is 15Mbps. The ratio of the remaining bandwidth of WAN1 to WAN2 is 1:3, so the load balance weight of WAN1 and WAN2 will be 1:3. Which means if now there are four new sessions, the router will send one of them to WAN1, and three of them to WAN2.

Can I configure it the same way, or is it not possible in OpenWrt?