'Auto' vs explicit radio channel: a 3rd - softer - option

Setting a wifi radio channel is great until that channel gets interference from radar or other sources, then the radio is disabled - this has hit myself and others.

Without digging into the syslog that radio disable is a mystery. Even with a look at the log it's not user friendly.

'Auto' is great but too broad - if there's a way to specify amrange or alternative channel to use, im not aware of it.

So. The feature I'm asking consideration for is to set that range or alternate. Some channels work better than others and I'd like to live in a range.

Use option channels '100 116 132' for example. This will start up with a somewhat automatic selection among that group, and if the operating channel detects radar it will go to one of the others.

Like any end user, if i don't know this exists then it doesn't exist. It's great to have this option - let's ammend this feature request to add support to luci wireless setup and pls unmark it solved.

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And I've used uci but there's info missing to setting this - what's the whole command?

I'm not being picky - no matter how elegant this established feature is, for me and other users who don't know where/how this option lives, then it remains unavailable.

About 1/week there are posts complaining about someone losing a radio until a reboot or restart. We can make this more visible via luci - with a note indicating why someone would want to set a range of channels - or leave them (and me) repeatedly stumbling over this issue.

problem solved 2 hours ago
helped by friend golialive

not exist in luci

ssh openwrt ip
login password

vi /etc/config/wireless

modify as for me:

option country 'FR'
option channel 'auto'
option channels '36 -64 100-144'

/etc/initd.d/network restart

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