Auto restart after 30 sec

hi guys . i have a problem when i linked my EDUP EP 8523 with my router (movistar asl 26555) . i connect with my edup . and i share intenet with my router . the problem is the router AUTO RESTART every 30 sec Please help . ! Thanks .

Without knowing why, it’s hard to resolve.

Try opening a terminal window with

ssh root@your.router logread -f

to see if the logs reveal anything. A static IP will probably help you hit the narrow time window.

Does the same happen when you connect the EP8523 via a self-powered hub to the ASL26555?

idont know exaclty what do you means but all i can say is that edup 8523 works fine on windows 10

Instead of connecting directly to the routers USB port which might not have enough power for the attached device. Use a USB hub that has its own power supply and connect that between the device and the router.


maybe you could draw what you are trying to do since explanations are not looking sane.

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I think you should reboot your router, it can fix many problems.

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