Authentication with WPA2-enterprise 802.1X Radius

I am currently in the process of setting up an ldap-server (either openldap or an AD-Domain Contoller) for my home network server (email service, nextcloud, etc.).
I've only recently stumbled across OpenWrt and the specifics of local computer-networking.

As it would be really cool to have a universal account for everything, I want to setup Radius Authentication for my LAN.

As i already ordered some Xiaomi Mi 4A routers (which - according to the manufacturer don't support WPA2-Enterprise), but don't know whether WPA2-Enterprise even needs specific hardware, I am curious, whether they could support it, if I flashed them with OpenWRT.

OpenWrt supports EAP with a radius server, I believe it needs a full version of WPAD package so you have to install that and then just configure stuff, it can be done from luci

Oh ok, so is 802.1X not limited to specific hardware?

It should be software only I believe, if your router is too resource constrained to run or install extra packages that'd be the only hardware limit I can think of


Thank you! I'll try it