Atualizei kimax U35WF

Olá pessoal, tudo bem?. Eu preciso de ajuda. Atualizei firmware do meu roteador kimax U35WF "openwrt-19.07.1-ramips-mt7620-kimax_u35wf-squashfs-sysupgrade" e agora, quando vou à página da web do roteador, ele solicita o login do usuário como root e a senha deve ficar em branco, pois não funciona. Eu tentei muitas senhas, mas nada ... O que posso fazer mais? Por favor ajude

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Default OpenWrt password is blank. Have you tried that option? If that doesn't work try Failsafe Mode, Factory Reset, or Recovery Mode.

I have the same problem as colleague Manospri, I updated the Kimax U35WF, and it didn't work anymore, don't accept resetting. I don't know what else to do, I didn't accept the reset 30 30 30. I think I lost the device.

Kimax changed sysupgrade Tool and when upgrading remains garbage from previous stock image.
Only way is to recovery using serial cable.
See here:

I would need help to make a fix for this, baking an image that on First boot force a New root fixed password. After that would need to upgrade again using openwrt image and everything goes really Nice.


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