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Had my primary router (a 12yr old TP-Link WDR4300!) die this week with flash failure, so I've treated myself to a rather lovely GL.iNet GL-MT6000 to replace it, reflashed that with 23.05.3 and have finally (after two days of tearing my hair out) got everything back up and working again, and just taken a final backup.

I would now like to run an AttendedSysUpgrade to consolidate my "extra" packages into the firmware, but was surprised to see less packages than I was expecting in the package list. But looking closely it looks like the root package for each addition is present. So, can anyone just set my mind at rest and reassure me that the build server will correctly add in all the dependencies, and produce a fully working firmware, as SWMBO'd will not appreciate my wiping out her internet twice in a week...

You can also use the Firmware Selector for this.
Just use the Customize installed packages... dropdown and add the packages you need to the list.
And then hit the "Request build" button.

It will.
(as long as you don't remove essential packages)


As @dnd notes, yes, it will. When the ASU build server creates your image, it simply makes a basic installation, then runs a bunch of opkg install commands, just as you'd do locally on the router, which uses the package dependency lists to resolve all those dependencies.

If you want to dig into details, look at which is the underlying means by which all of LuCI Attended Sysupgrade, auc and the Firmware Selector produce images (via the ASU build server).

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