Attended Sysupgrade doesn't show 22.05.6

I'm using OpenWrt 22.03.5 on a Belkin RT3200. It's working fine.

I would like to upgrade to current (23.05.2) but cannot - I get an error using Attended Sysupgrade.

It appears that I should upgrade first to 22.03.6, but that choice is not presented.

Is it possible to get the Attended Sysupgrade system tweaked to make the 22.03.6 option available from the LuCI web GUI? Many thanks.

The issue is that the sysupgrade server at thinks 22.03.5 is the latest for the 22.03 branch (the same issue is present for 23.05 as I noted in OpenWrt 23.05.3 - Service Release - #78 by dannil, both of 'em being one point release behind), maybe @aparcar needs to give the deployment a nudge cause the code in the repo knows about both 22.03.6 and 23.05.3.

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