Attendant Sysupgrade problem with new name

Redmi AX6 (ipq807x) SNAPSHOT version
The name is changed to qualcommax. And now the Attendant Sysupgrade say no more updates because the name was changed.

How can I do this upgrade to the new name and keep all my settings and packages?

Hi @eR2022

yes, this is commit on git;a=commit;h=f02f6aaa8d4e1025ab4aa9f569123e57f689f4e5

so you should manually update one time, then your system will become qualcommax and from there, you could use ASU again


How can I manually update and keep my settings and packages?


well, keep old config when target name is changed ... i am not sure / not smart enough how wise is this
maybe the best is to start from scratch
fresh snapshot, and config from zero

sry, i have no better idea

Ok thank you.
There is RC2 of AX6 .
You think it's better got with the RC firmware of SNAPSHOT ?


interesting part is that i could not grep "qualcommax" in 23.05 git tree, so if you choose snapshots, you will have new name, and on 23.05 will stay with old ipq807x

but currently i don't have this type of device at hand, so ... maybe other user could help you which one is more stable

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