Attempting to install OpenWrt on Virgin Super Hub 3 (Arris TG2492S)


I am currently a Virgin Broadband customer and have a spare Super Hub 3 that I interested in hacking - I have been reading a couple of great blog posts from folks that have managed to read the NAND of this intel puma SoC device -

I have tried UART with a TTL USB connector however as well as I believed I soldered the right connections, I could not seem to get any output from the device.

I am wanting to know which "target" this device would be considering the unique Intel Puma 6/ARM Chipset - it also has Qualcomm QCA9880 and Atheros AR9382

The blog post writer manages to get access to the Phison PS8211-0 NAND controller and therefore the contents of the drive - would I be able to install OpenWrt by dumping an image on to the nand?

I understand I will not be able to use the DOCSIS modem of this device, I will use my current Super Hub in modem mode and connect as WAN to the secondary hub which I hope to get OpenWrt installed.

I am willing to put in the work to get this done so any help would be appreciated

The Puma 6 (and 7?) have a design flaw -

I also think Intel haven't released any info regarding the chip, to the open source community.

Thanks for your response

I am aware of the infamous Puma chip flaw but as far as I am aware this would either not cause me an issue as I am only modding this Super Hub as a hobby project to practice my skills.

Without having the open source data for the chip does this make it impossible to install a third party OS?

I'm struggling to decifer which OpenWrt variant would be appropriate for this device given it is an x86 chipset but contains Atheros and Qualcomm chips

If the chip information required for supporting the CPU isn't there, forget everything that's Linux based.