Attempted to build PREEMPT_RT kernel but resulting config is identical to standard one

I downloaded and the patch-6.1.38-rt13-rc1.patch.xz, and used quilt to import it into my tree. I successfully built and booted into my image yet when I compare /proc/config.gz from my "standard" image to the one from the patched kernel, I found that they were identical. I suspect that means I didn't actually build with the patchset incorporated. Am I right?

For reference, here is the quilt incorporated patch I used. I ended up putting it in target/linux/generic/hack-6.1/ prior to the build.

When you built your OpenWrt image, after the make menuconfig stage, did you then perform a make kernel_menuconfig? To make custom changes to the kernel, you need to do that.

Keep in mind that once you do that, your build will be incompatible with downloaded online repository kernel modules. The way OpenWrt determines if kernel modules are compatible with your build is to mark them with a hash of the kernel .config.

You will need to set up an opkg repository on the device (or available over network access to the device) with the contents of your build's openwrt/bin/target/<chipset>/<device> folder and ensure that the signing key used in your build is added to opkg's list of valid keys on the device:
`opkg-key add ~/path/to/

Thanks I will try this... related question, why is make kernel_menuconfig CONFIG_TARGET=x86_64 V=s failing?

/scratch/union/include/ *** CONFIG_TARGET=x86_64 is invalid. Valid: target|subtarget|subtarget_target|env.  Stop.

That should confirm to the =subtarget match, no?

OK, finally got around to trying this. You were right about that make kernel_menuconfig, the needed options got translated. Thanks.

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