Attach Wifi IP Cam to local LAN

Hi all,
i have an IP Cam here (Apeman A70) which i can connect with OpenWRT in client mode. So when i join the network i get an ip How can i access this ip in my local LAN (
Can somebody guide me in the process?
Thanks, DocMAX

You first need to reconfigure your network (for example to to avoid a IP conflict. Then just co figure the firewall to allow traffic from LAN to the camera's network.

I would expect that your Wi-Fi and your Ethernet LAN are connected (bridged) together. The IPs you mention are all in the same network. So there should be instant connectivity between the IPs you posted.
So if everything is connected to your router you should be able to connect from an ethernet client to the Wi-Fi camera using the method described by your camera's manufacturer.