ATT or VZ certified LTE router?

Any recommendations for openwrt LTE router, which is certified by ATT or VZ for their cell network ? Should have 1 USB, Wifi, 1LAN, 1 WAN, too.

Pretty sure ATT and VZ won't certify any Openwrt router.
Certified modems, might however be available.

Verizon will if the router and modem combination passes a series of tests they have.

I'm working with a company trying to do this with a ZBT WE826Q and an EP06 modem. There are 4 tests that must be passed dealing with the router and modem together and then one which shows the modem firmware can be automatically updated when a new firmware is available. This requires special update files from Quectel which are not the usual firmware upgrade ones.

It is a slow process to get certification so very few routers/modems have done it. Using OpenWrt is not a problem with certification.

You are definitely wrong. Teltonikas RUT955 is certified, both for ATT and VZ. Unfortunately, coming to EOL.

It's not a technical problem, but a support problem, if you ask me.
I doubt any of the big ones will be interested in supporting devices running the open openwrt platform.

I could imagine some smaller player could do this, like 4G LTE Mall.

And why not only buy a certified LTE modem ?
Should make the amount of devices a lot bigger.

Interesting. Because WE826Q looks very syuitable to me. With EP06 I could live, although EC25-AF preferred. Any time estimate for certification ? I could imagine, cert for ATT is easier/faster than for VZ.
Is this a "private" development, or for a freely open product ?
I have a client with serious interest, because RUT955 EOL.

Certification of modem is not good enough. Pls, check the requirements in detail, before "imagine".

This is going to become a bigger issue in the future. There are plenty of mid sized manufacturers which use some version of OpenWrt as their factory firmware.

Both AT&T and Verizon are starting to blacklist routers and modems that do not meet their standards. Even if the modem is certified, which the EP06 is, the router IMEI must be on their list before they will allow it to connect to their network. This is in the beginning stages right now but is going to increase soon.

So, if a company wants to sell in the USA they will have to work with the big ISPs or no one will buy them. Hard to get market share when the router won't work.

There are two reasons to get a router/modem certified. One is the above so they can remain on the ISP network. I company I'm working with has had about 500 router/modems blacklisted by AT&T and Verizon.

The other reason is a certified router/modem can be sold through Verizon on their site. This is a big market and they only have a few, very expensive routers on it.

Talks with Verizon show they don't care what firmware is on the router. All they care about is that the router doesn't make the modem do funny things on their network. This includes updating the modem firmware if Quectel finds a bug in the firmware. Quectel works with Verizon on this so their modems can be certified.

No estimate as yet. Three of the four tests have been passed and the firmware update has finally been sorted out so testing can begin on it. This is a private company doing this who plans to sell router/modems through Verizon. It isn't cheap getting certification as it requires testing equipment and much paperwork. If you want to certify a 5G modem then the router/modem must go to a lab for a whole slew of tests which costs about $20,000USD.

Ok, then we will probably switch to something like the GLiNet GL-X750V2, certified for ATT, at least. BTW, their certifications are definitely cheaper; offers starting with a couple of thousand Dollars.

Just out of curiosity.
If you'd want to install any random kmod on it, would it work ?

Sorry, I do not understand your question. However, actually running a large fleet of RUT955, both with ATT and VZ, having custom "official" openwrt.

Can you install kmods from the OpenWrt repository on it?

From factory?

Looking at their firmware it appears to be pre 19.07, probably 17.01 like all the others.

It certainly isn't any kind of "official" OpenWrt.

Any update on certification of the WE826Q for ATT or VZ ?