ATM bridge IPTV and IgmpProxy

This is not my situation but I have to help my cousin figure it out right. So currently he is using the ISP provided router and internet + iptv works fine. The connection is based on ADSL and internet and iptv come from the same line but there is just a change in the ATM bridges.

So the config for ATM bridges in the ISP router is as:

# For internet - pppoe based

# For iptv

Internet just works with the above configuration and there is no need to do anything else. Now ISP router includes an option within the ATM bridge setting to enable IgmpProxy for iptv.

He has HomeHub5A that I sent yesterday and he will be using it today to see if everything works or not. I have not added igmpproxy package yet in the firmware and I wanted to make sure how it works before I can tell him how to do it. I have no experience myself in iptv settings so can someone shed some light as to what needs to be done in the config to make it work?
I think I can configure a VLAN for WAN port and bridge it with ATM for iptv but then I will need to create another subnet/zone to make it work maybe. I am just not sure how I can provide iptv packets along with LAN network. Any pointers?

As it turns out IPTV is working without the need for IgmpProxy. I am not sure why but I just bridged the ATM for IPTV to LAN and it started working the moment my cousin connected it.

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