Atheros Spectral Scan can't be used with OpenWrt package repos

Hi there,

Due to a commit which separates spectral scan into its own part of the Atheros debugfs, the kernel option (KERNEL_RELAY) whIch is required to enable Atheros spectral scan on OpenWrt (CONFIG_PACKAGE_ATHEROS_SPECTRAL, I think?) is now no longer built into OpenWrt kernels in the default build system, meaning that even if you build your own image, you cannot use OpenWrt's repos to fetch updates, since the vermagic of the kernel has changed.

I do know the reason for this commit (removing that relay meant less resource usage). What can I do to handle this situation? Is it possible to create a new target variant which enables this (e.g. a tinyram version for devices with insufficient resources to have KERNEL_RELAY on by default)?

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