Atheros AR8327N hw nat implementation possible?

Dear developers,

Now we have flow offload on the 4.14 kernel and a lot of atheros based devices converted to use DTS, how likely is it to have HW NAT implemented on the AR8327N?

I know it was included in older GPL drivers but that never worked without proper “Linux support”. This problem should have been fixed as of v4.14

Would you like to start development?

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I would if I had a better understanding of the inner works of those drivers. That’s why I asked. It seems that adding it to the MT7621 was “easy” if you understand the driver.

So I was hoping that someone with a lot of understanding of the atheros driver could do something similar.

The mt7621 code is shared between the Mediatek target as well. The person who worked on it has knowledge of both.

That’s good and bad... Good of course that all this knowledge is available. Bad in the sense that it will generate a lot of work for one person. Would be nice to be able to share the workload. After all, our great developers are doing this cause they like/love the project and spend must (probably all) their free time dedicated to this project.

I will start studying the Mediatek code to see if I can even make sense of it...