Atheros AR8132 Fast Ethernet NIC x86 AMD Driver Support

I have an old 32 bit machine with a Qualcomm Atheros nic. I found Pentium drivers in the x86 packages but the machine is running an AMD processor. I get an error message " Packages for kmod-atl1c found, but incompatible with the architectures configured".

Any guidance?

There are no Pentium drivers, just plain x86 ones. I am not familiar with the feature flags OpenWrt's x86 builds use but it's reasonable to assume it's i686. Is your AMD processor i686 or newer? By itself i686 is pretty old. Pentium 1 is i686.

If it's older, maybe the 'legacy' subtarget would suit you better?

Thanks Borromini. Not sure what I did wrong. The first time I tried was from a usb stick. Today I tried with a sata disk and it worked flawless.

Thanks again.

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