Ath9k Master-Client not working on 5 GHz

Hello old friends!

I have just upgraded both my C7 V2 and BT HH 5A to 22.03.4

Anyway, I had a wireless network in Ath Access Point mode on BT HH 5A and in Client mode on C7 V2. You see thel ink between the two devices is established, and they can both ping an external IP (I set DNS for the LAN interface on the C7), but they don't ping each other, and the C7 doesn't provide internet to its clients.

When I change to Access Point (WDS) and Client (WDS) they don't work at all.
So for Atheros, which should be best, AP/Client or AP (WDS)/Client WDS? And if it's the no-WDS option then what am I doing wrong? And if it's the WDS then is it an issue with the driver or why doesn't it work?


I think with the ath driver there was some issues with AP+STA over the same bridge, outside WDS, so possibly the client is over the WAN side of the C7. If you have some ping, you may check if having all the firewall entries for the client's interface.

In most countries (make sure your country code is set), channel 48 is a DFS channel. I don't think that ath10k allows AP+STA simultaneous on DFS channels.

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Can’t help since I’ve never used wds with OpenWrt but channel 48 is not a DFS channel.

If the radio is down, no power levels will be shown. If something is wrong likely both will fail to start.
On my setup sometimes the client interface event of hotplug.d is not "ifup", which results missing firewall entries, so I have its name hardcoded.

Just tested the WDS with Ath9k:

  • Master AP - WDS Mode
  • Client - WDS Mode
  • Everything is bridged to LAN over the client router
  • dnsmasq is disabled on the client router

The Internet is present on both bands, having IPs from the Master AP.

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i see the client,openwrt in this case is wpa2, and master is wpa3, try to set wpa2 on the ap interface too

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Apologies for taking some time to get back.

I started over, and it worked with WDS. Changed to non-WDS and it didn't work. So, it looks like there is an issue with non-WDS. I can't tell if it's encryption related or just an issue with the driver in general, or if it's an issue with me. But generally, it seems that WDS is easier.

Wasn't that. W5 was the WWAN on both devices.

Anyway, It was likely WDS the solution, but not sure if it could have worked without it with other settings.

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