Ath79 Zyxel NBG6716

Is somebody already on converting the Zyxel NBG6716 router from ar71xx to ath79?
If so, I can help testing.

I've tried. but I could not succeed. I would be glad if anyone can explain it here. I can open uboot by entering the zyxel boot password, but I don't know what to do next.

@altuntepe The Zyxel has already been ported to ath79, it should be available the next OpenWRT version (20.x). You can try the snapshots. Installation is the same as described here:

finally installed it. it was actually very simple. I named this file ( ) ras.bin and loaded it in recovery mode by holding down the wps button.

Well "simple" could be different :wink: but great you got it working. Please report if you find any problems, because there is still time to fix them before the next official release.

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