Ath79 Wi-Fi power in snapshots

While porting Mikrotik RB2011 to ath79, I noticed that I couldn't select Wi-Fi power over 100 mW in LuCI. Being a complex device, I thought that I simply missed something that I could fix later, but I noticed that 100 mW is also the max power level for other ath79 devices that I own, UniFi AP/AP Pro.

In 19.07 I can set the power up to 1W on RB2011, up to 150 mW on UniFi AP and up to 250 mW on AP Pro, but on latest snapshots the max power on all devices is 100 mW. Changing it manually in /etc/config/wireless also doesn't help.

What changed and how can I fix that?

Nevermind, I set country to US and it expands the power range.

Just keep in mind you're essentially being the hooligan here, your country's regulatory body (well, it's probably EU wide) set different power limits.

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