ATH79 support for WD MyNet N600


I've been using OpenWRT for some time now and I'm waiting for the new 19.07 release so OpenSSL can finally check the certificates when using unbound.

I've seen that 19.07 seems to be more or less ready for shipping. I always only checked the AR71xxx tree if my device is still built. But now I also read that after the 19.07 release the AR71xxx support shall be dropped and in the ATH79 tree there is no N600 target until now.

I wanted to ask if this target can be added by someone? (For N600's big sister N750 there is a build so I guess it should be possible, right?) If additional information is needed and somebody tells me what information is needed and how I can extract it from my device I'm happy to help.
Sadly I have no experience with device tree files and kernel building so I would prefer providing information before learning to compile everything myself just to port the device. And maybe the information from the AR71xxx tree is already enough and my help isn't even needed to create an ATH79 version for N600?

The N600 still a solid 16/128 device with enough power so it would be great to see continued support.

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Judging from a quick comparison of target/linux/ar71xx/files/arch/mips/ath79/mach-mynet-n600.c and target/linux/ar71xx/files/arch/mips/ath79/mach-mynet-n750.c, both devices are comparable, but differ in some (rather important, e.g. switch) details. Porting the N600 to ath79 (taking the N750 as rough guidance) should be reasonable, but will require some more hands-on development work than just providing information.

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Well, as I said I'll gladly help as far as I can if someone takes on this job. From what I've seen the N750 seems to be the more complex device as it has a separate chip for the switch (AR8327N), while the N600 uses its AR9344 for everything.
But as I said as well, I propably won't be able to setup a whole build machine myself and I also don't even know where to start when porting the old AR71xxx of N600 to ATH79 respectively modifiying the N750's device tree for the N600.

There is the ar71 to ath79 porting guide thread, ... with nearly 1k of replies. There is a lot of info in there, but well-buried.

There are other threads for indivdual devices, but no generic "essential steps for getting basic device tree support going"-type page/wiki.

From the reply above from @slh, you can see, that the mach files provide a good starting point, but there is more to do after that.

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