Ath79 port GL.iNet GL-USB150

@Entropy512 @pepe2k

Is there anything else but time holding back the port of GL.iNet GL-USB150 from ar71xx to ath79?

Also there is no device page for that model. Are the flashing methods of AR150 true for USB150 too?

To my knowledge - nothing other than time/effort/resources.

It's on my TODO list of many things... But let's just say I've gotten about <5% of what I had planned to do in the past few months actually done, and the USB150 is in that other 95%.

Now that the AR750S NAND has been merged I might take a crack at this at some point, although at this point, not likely until after the new year. Too much going on this December.

I have created on now:

Feel free to add useful information to that page!

Thanks to both of you!

So you are saying there is a chance it's in the top 6% of that list. But hey, no pressure, there is still time until 19.07 release. :smile: