Ath79 builds with all kmod packages through opkg [flow offloading]


I am back with some news concerning the mini PCI Wi-Fi board (the one providing the 5 GHz AC feature) hanging. My router is now using the 4.14.94-1-1a8c5132c3487c0a39281ef696b5066e firmware. I have noticed that using the ath10k-firmware-qca988x package (containing the firmware from the mini PCI board it not hanging. Using the default package, ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct, coming with the firmware makes the board hang every couple of days.
Later edit: I forgot to say thanks to juppin.


With Feb. 05 build, the 2.4G WiFi was down (can be connected, without internet connection though) after upgrading for several days.

I didn't recall this problem with previous versions that I've been using before.

Edit: My router is TP-Link Archer C7 v2, dynack enabled.

Edit2: The Kernel Logs is which was pasted after execute command '\sbin\wifi' restarting WiFi.


Feb. 05 build, the 2.4G best work 4 me. tnx. tp link wdr4300


Please add support for 16 MB flash.


It is really unclear what you mean with your request (even less without specifying a particular device). Devices with 16 MB flash (e.g. archer c7-v2/ c7-v5) will have that much available - and while I can't speak for juppin, for OpenWrt in general, custom hardware means custom firmware (meaning, if you replaced the flash chip on your router, you will have to modify and build your own firmware for it). Other than for ar71xx, ath79 does (need to) hardcode the partition offsets and sizes in DTS, while there may be ways to avoid that (e.g. qcom-smem on ipq806x), those don't exist for ath79 yet (and may not be wanted either).


TP-Link TL-WDR4300
Flash 8Mb upgrade to 16MB W25Q128FV
flashed u-boot_mod.

LEDE 17.01.6 see 16 MB flash
OpenWrt 18.06.2 see 16 MB flash

OpenWrt ath79 by juppin - no


Please re-read my post, I'm pretty sure I've covered your question (in the last sentence covering the "why" and the bracketed bit before the consequences).

EDIT: Btw., don't be surprised if wlan won't work for you either - ART is defined to be found at 0x7f0000, while it won't be at that position if you replace the flash chip on your device (and without correct ART, the WLAN cards can't be initialized).


Thank you, now I understand.