Ath79 builds with all kmod packages through opkg [flow offloading]

kernel version 4.14.99
The router works for several days without errors

Here you go:

Sorry guys, i will not update this images anymore because i use now the snapshot builds for my devices!!!


Hello, your server is down, can you give me instructions for build ath79 from latest stable release ?

Thanks you

The openwrt-18.06 branch doesn't have any kind of ath79 support, accordingly there are no instructions for that (and that's neither what this thread was about). If you want to use ath79, you can either use the master snapshot builds now, or wait for the next major release.

If you want to build ath79 yourself, you can do that (in master) - both from source or using imagebuilder, there is nothing ath79 specific for either of those approaches.

any one has config.seed of this project, because, there is a lot of default packages and a special conf for use 18.06 packages and build the kernel of ath79 ?

I need this because i use luci and i use wpad-full, ospf and rip routing tables

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can build an ath79 image from master a standard way. There is no "special" conf for that.
Build instructions are at the Openwrt web site. Chose ath79 target and required packages in menuconfig.

Is WNDR3700 v4 supported with ath79? If not will it ever be supported or do i finally have to change my router?

No, see

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It will be supported, if someone adds the support. But you can keep using this router on ar71xx, on the 4.14 kernel offloading works either way.

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I did not know offloading was working on 4.14 for this router. It's 2 days already source has some problems with recursive dependencies. As soon as it will be resolved i'll build firmware for it. It's been more then 3 months since i last built firmware for my router.

You can build master or openwrt-19.07 branch. It does build.

How can i enable flow offloading on my router? WNDR 3700v4?

Check it in Network -> Firewall settings in Luci.

Or option flow_offloading '1' in config defaults of /etc/config/firewall


Downloading is no longer possible :confused: Will you be fixing the links or is it an abandoned project?

@olek87 or anyone that was searching for ath10k to work with dynamic vlans, please let us know that you are affected in the following post:

We need your support to make this issue known.


I have built my own 19.07 build for wdr3600, in case anyone wants it. Here it is.

Project is abandoned because we have snapshot builds of ath79...
This project was only for testing the ath79 target before it was build by the build bots of openwrt.

Would it then make sense to close this topic?

Yes, please close this thread. Thanks everyone...