Dear openwrt community,

I'm using the ct-htt version on my Archer c2600 AP's (available via openwrt opkg) and was wondering if there was this version

Many thanks !

cheers blinton

I am confused by the question:

It is not generated by the 19.07 OpenWrt build for ipq40xx platform.

Hi fantom-x,

Can I use a snapshot package for a stable version (19.07.3) ?
For ipq8064 there is a ct-htt version available in the stable repository, that's why I was wondering why it's not available for the qca4019 platform.

Thanks and

cheers blinton

You will not know until you try...

Have you considered building master and trying that? It is shipping the current file:;a=blob;f=package/firmware/ath10k-ct-firmware/Makefile;h=18370b7d85e54f0b7711ef06342d922d08b1949c;hb=HEAD#l179