AT commands to an RNDIS modem?

I have OpenWrt running on Raspberry Pi with an LTE hat. I got the set successfully working as an LTE router, but I have one problem. I cannot find the modem device for giving AT commands to change the modem (SIM7600) configuration.

The modem is connected using RNDIS, and as said it works OK, but no device like ttyUSB-something is found with ls /dev/*.

So what could be the device to be used in minicom settings?

It should work with QMI, please see here: [SOLVED] LTE QMI Troubles

Thanks! I just cannot change the modem settings to QMI without access to AT commands... :smile:

Maybe I boot my RPi with my Raspbian card, change the modem to QMI there and then return to OpenWrt.

Still it would be interesting to know what is the device that the modem uses.

When you plug it into a "big Linux" distribution, you can check the kernel log to see which drivers are involved.

Thanks. This is a hat for Raspberry Pi, so the only place I can use it is on RPi. But no problem, I have also Raspbian for that available.

Hi, may I ask which hat you are using?
Why do you want to go with QMI insted of RNDIS?

It is a SIM7600E modem hat from AliExpress: