Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 support

  1. Had no issues with it yet.
  2. It does come with CAKE sqm and more, doesn't need separate install.

Haha, no worries, I'm a noob myself :slight_smile: you can ask me if you still need help!

Please dont use my ax6000 trx files. @remittor images are not official and not tested (probably) with this router yet but you can try do it with images from @remittor .
If you have serial converter you can flash router quite simple. You don't need to open the case.

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I saw these 2 unsupported functions:

Not all cover LEDs are supported.
2.5Gb LAN port LED is partially supported.

Does this mean the lights are always off? Also whats is this the same for the 2.5Gb lan light?

Where did u get your AX6000? You know of any deals at this time for US?

No, it just means that some LEDs will not work, for me only the blue LED works from the TUF logo. The 2.5gb LAN port LED is probably the same, it's just lights at the end of the day so not important for me.

I live in the EU so I don't know any deals in the US, sorry...

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I have got my AX6000 from polish shopping portal.

Does this mean the lights are always off? Also whats is this the same for the 2.5Gb lan light?

this means the lights are always on ( red or green), that same for 2.5Gb LAN but LED will blink during active transfer on port.

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I appreciate the quick responses! How are enjoying this router with openwrt? Better overall performance with cake compared to asus firmware?

You can open LUKS devices, install adguard, configure DNSSec and 802.11r/v/k so for me it's quite nice. I can see similar wifi performance. I develop also clevis package and open encrypted LUKS. Download and upload to/from this encrypted device is around 120MB/s so here we have advantage over stock software.

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A little off topic but what model would you recommend for tripple band router with openwrt? I.e 3 bands vs dual band...specifically an Asus brand if there's one even supported. Thanks

I have only Asus TUF ax6000 and Asus TUF ax4200. Just don't buy ax4200. I cant recommend device not tested by me.

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Thanks again for the assist. So a serial converter is required to flash openwrt for TUF AX6000 correct? Any link for 1 to get?

Currently it's the only one officially supported solution. I haven't tested @remittor images.

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My images have already been tested more than once:

The easy flashing has also been tested on TUF-AX4200 and RT-AX59U.

In repository OpenWRT there is router RT-AC58U. When building OpenWRT images for RT-AC58U, trx file are not generated.
But the official instructions contain information about easy installation of the firmware using third-party trx images: Link

So the concepts official and unofficial are very imprecise.


I Can confirme than ax4300 work very well if You want know :+1::ok_hand: @makav9111

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If you like you can perform flash process with @remittor image on the AX6000 and then we can add on the page the unofficial flash process.


I believe @BogdanZag already performed the flash process with @remittor image on the AX6000 with success. This can already be added to the page for unsupported flash process.

I used @remittor’s latest trx initramfs (please add a link to it, or host it somewhere publicly) to flash it from the stock Asus firmware updater manually, and then installed latest snapshot from the Firmware Selector. I believe there was a lot of code implemented and some bugs fixed by @patrykk (sorry if I missed somebody).

Everything went flawless. So you can declare the current trx method + snapshot to be very stable and working. My router has been working with no problem for a few weeks now.

Again, if anybody feels like that, the serial method still works great, and you don’t need to open the box (I would recommend not opening it anyway).

P.S. After the initial issuss I had issues with the very first AX6000 trx build that had wrong filesystem partitioning (had a hard time manually fixing my router with Patrykk), I used Remittor’s plugin facinstall package to revert back to stock firmware. So, you can consider current trx and serial methods both stable and working.


Can anyone confirm if the openwrt firmware support Dual-WaN (includes failover or load balancing)? Thanks!

finally instaled... metod deeddy wrote in last post... all working great.



Wow, that is killer speed, I can only dream of, sigh...


Thank that to @patrykk and @remittor! :slight_smile:

Glad to see everything is working well!

I have a few questions:
What is your snapshot version?
Have you enabled hardware (and software) offloading in Firewall?
Do you have SQM enabled?

I managed to "only" get speeds close to 1Gbit with the previous snapshot and about to do the tests on the latest one now. Could be my speedtest servers limits.

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