Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 support

You can use official packages from official repo. If you like I can build new images with last kernel. Then you will not have any problems with depends. I'll supply today also packages created during building process.

I supplied packages to the same google disk:


Wow, you rock! Thank you very much!

Does anybody knows how to backup the stock firmware (full), so in case anything goes wrong, it's possible to recover it?

Hi, please look at link:

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There is a very interesting discussion in ASUS TUF-AX4200 forum thread:

@remittor managed go create a tool that creates Asuswrt compatible trx image out of OpenWRT bin image. :heart: Which means you don’t need to use TTL serial port anymore for that router.

I wonder does it work on ASUS TUF-AX6000 as well. Anyone? @patrykk, have you managed to test that tool with this router, too?

Hi, I already have this router with OpenWRT as a main router at home. I can supply build with required modifications but I don't have possibility to test it now. Solution should be common for both routers.

@patrykk Please do. I’ll have this router here sometimes next week and can test it.

I also made it possible for this device to have a simple installation:

Available disk memory has been expanded!

PS.: I haven't tested anything on this device! Use this at your own risk!!!


I created another one build based on the main from today ( 31.20.2023)

Ps. I created another one branch and I'll try to integrate changes from @remittor .

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Yes, but commit mediatek: filogic: Increase free disk space for Asus routers only works in initramfs mode. That is, adding this change to your repository is useless.

I know. Only when you flash your router using serial console. I have seen change :slight_smile:
is it compatible with asus TUF ax6000 ?

Yes. And with many others Asus routers.

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Will you create PR to the official repo?

Maybe a year ago I did this.
But now the desire to do this has disappeared, since they will again find fault with every "comma", and after eliminating the shortcomings, the PR will hang in the Open state for a very long time.

Therefore, I suggest you do this. Maybe you'll have better luck...

May I ask you for the link to the PR ?
EDIT. and please release source code on some license.

You can test new image. In the directory "31.10.2023_trx_and_initramfs_increase_free_disk_space" you can find build with @remittor code changes. Link like before:


For the first time installation we have to use openwrt-mediatek-filogic-asus_tuf-ax6000-initramfs.trx via Asus Router interface?

Yes exactly then install sysupgrade

I has make thé same on ax4200 with m'y own build after

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Good information. We have officially support for Asus TUF ax6000 in main openWRT branch. Unfortunately commit contains minor bug which affect wifi. I already indicated it in the PR but probably I'll need to create another one PR. Main branch will not contain @remittor changes.


the change was merged to the main branch


@patrykk does that mean ASUS TUF-AX6000 will show up in the official snapshot list soon?


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