Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 support

With the latest from git main it seems to work. In the meantime I also had some issues with 2.5GB ethernet and some prebuilt snapshots. That seems fine as well now.

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My router came to life. Thanks.


What kind of issues with 2.5GbE? Did you use latest snapshots or some old ones?

The Ethernet port did connect at PHY level and ethtool showed correct information. However, I could not get any data over it. DHCP failed for example. This was with snapshots around the end of January.
I also had issues with Wifi there where I could not get DHCP to succeed. But there was a snapshot (I think of January 30th) that did Ethernet but not Wifi.
With my own build everything seems fine. Although the DHCP on Wifi seems a tad slow compared to other Wifi connections I use on my phone.

Not sure what snapshots were you using, but everything works very well since the begining of November on pretty much any snapshot. No issues at all and I was updating pretty much daily to the latest snapshots using Attended Sysupgrade. I don't account minor things that were fixed in overtime. Nothing major was a problem.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you did not have issues. Just was trying to figure out details so people could help.

Could this be documented on the wiki, about how to recover from a bricked Asus TUF Gaming router via serial. In case page is not specific enough about this specific Asus router.

Ps. the AX6000 wiki points to this message, which points again to AX4200 post...

Maybe I understand why people get confused and get the wrong TRX image... I think you should point users users to instead: (or update the link on the wiki)

(I'm not gonna use TRX images, I will try snapshot soon, but I digress)


that is what i was talking about

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Exactly. Since nobody did anything. I updated the wiki now:

With a notice and a direct link to Google drive folder.


Is there any update on the issue? @patrakov

The reason I ask. Maybe the same problem would effect other OpenWRT devices such as the Netgear WAX206 that also have a 2.5 Gbps port. Just was not discovered on that device yet.

No update. I am not the person responsible for the buggy driver.


any news on?

if you like you can test build with kernel 6.1

I will tomorow ... i have few scuba diving days :)))))

installed, but get error Collected errors:

pls correct this

When you got the first error?
second error is obvious because you need to install packages from my build for the kernel.
Could you perform only tests with transfers?

First error was when i try to opkg update.
I perform transfer test and its failed. :frowning:

I really would like to open the top cover of the TUF AX6000. I know it's very difficult and hard to get it open and even not required for flashing. But I really want to have a permanent soldered solution in my case to the serial headers.

Anyhow, I now ordered iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, hopefully this will make the process easier.

Yes, I removed the 4 screws already. ANY advise / hints is helpful to get this top cover removed without breaking this router in two :grin:.

I opened my AX6000 without a problem using a credit card. Gently had to be undermined and nothing broke. I soldered 4 pins to the motherboard for easy connection. I even flashed Eeprom because I did Brick.

Please record video :slight_smile: btw you dont need to open the case if you want connect serial.

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