Asus rt-n66u cable speed limited to 100

hi i noticed my router is limited to 100, but it can go 1000mbit

how do i fix this?

my router is
asus rt-n66u
and support ethernet in 10/100/1000

kind reggards

Check your cables. Also inspect the ports for bent pins or debris. And of course, check the device on the other end of the cable to ensure it supports gigabit.

not cable.
on the modem is 1000

What do you mean by this? Did you try a different cable?
How are you checking the connection speed?

i put the cable in the modem instead of the openwrt router.
Then used speedtest

Please be more specific...

There are usually 2 cables:
Cable 1: cable modem > router
Cable 2: router > computer

Which cable did you plug into the modem? Was the other end plugged into the PC?
What happens if you use the other cable instead?

How did you observe that you were only getting 100Mbps speeds? What specific tests did you run or what did you look at to determine the speed was only running at 100Mbps?

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I've flagged your post above as spam, because the link inside is just that and doesn't show any test results.

But in other words, you haven't actually checked what link rate modem and router are negotiating (which would be 10, 100 or 1000 MBit/s) and are apparently only going by some online speedtest's results (whose results we don't know, as you aren't linking to those, but a spam trap).

Now the actual values would be of interest here, are they 'exactly' 100 MBit/s or just in the ballpark. The former might indicate an issues with the link rate negotiation between the two devices involved (and ethtool could confirm or reject this aspect), the later would more put the blame on the rather weak BCM4706 SOC, with 600 MHz mips 74Kc (the OEM firmware relies heavily on proprietary offloading (ctf.ko), which is not available to OpenWrt). This device just has seen better days, released in 2011, it will never be able to route at 1 GBit/s wirespeed (regardless of the negotiated link rate), before even looking at the sorry state of wireless (non-)support.

EDIT: Just to debug this further:

  • what is your subscribed WAN speed?
  • what speed are you actually getting behind the router?
  • what speeds can you achieve without the router inbetween?
  • what does ethtool say about the negotiated link speed?
    • what are the log messages about it in dmesg?
  • still, do try with a different (ethernet patch-) cable and check for physical damage in the ports

So far we're still as clueless about the actual condition as in post one of this thread.

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The quality of support/answers you get here is directly related to the quality of the information you provide. We need enough information to help you diagnose your problem. Giving vague answers only wastes everyone's time (including your own).

Telling us that you have run a speed test without providing the exact results is not useful. Not providing insight into your specific test methods (i.e. what are the numbers from the tests, are there any other observations that you've made? etc.) means that we have more questions than answers each time we reply.

If there is a language barrier here, feel free to use an online translator so you can post more details in English (you may post your native language alongside the English, if you'd like).

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