Asus RT-N56U - Gigabit connection


I have had Openwrt on my Asus RT-N56U for few months.
Now I updated my internet speed to a gigabyte speed, and it seems like the router does not want to enable transferring at that speed, is there some settings I am missing which needs to be enabled? (checked the original guide and the LED's should be blinking yellow if 1000 M speed was connected, but both leds are blinking at the 100 M speed.) I did a test without the router in between and I was getting the full 1000 M speed.

and what speed are you getting through the router ?

Hey, Thanks for the response.
I was getting about 150 Mbps with router.

then the port probably isn't running at 100mbit ?

were you testing through wireless or ethernet cable while using the router ...

I did the test with ethernet cable, I don't think wireless can even give full gigabyte speed.

There is some setting in OpenWRT where the port can be enabled to 1000mbit?

you can try to force using ethtool.

what does dmesg say about the port speed ?

I was able to install these programs via UI, but they did not appear anywhere on the menu.¨
In network/switch from UI there is a mention from 1000M.


it's ran through ssh, cli only.

[ 4.684828] mtk_soc_eth 10100000.ethernet: using fixed link parameters
[ 4.697908] mtk_soc_eth 10100000.ethernet eth0 (uninitialized): link up (1000 Mbps/Full duplex)
[ 4.715889] mtk_soc_eth 10100000.ethernet eth0: mediatek frame engine at 0xb0 100000, irq 5 )

Something like this was displayed with dmesg

shouldn't trust those LEDs :wink:

So... I guess I need to get a new router?
I assume this could be the problem also:

check if there's a hardware flow offloading setting for your device.

you could also check the load graphs in the router, to see of the CPU spikes during heavy traffic.

That model's CPU is a 500 MHz single core MIPS, which is weak by today's standards. It is completely inadequate to keep up with gigabit ISP.

Disappointing to hear updating my router is the only option. I guess I should have not gone for a faster internet connection.

well, there's nothing stopping you from using a slow router with a fast connection, except overspending on your internet ....

There are some options that aren't crazy expensive. But for gigabit you're looking at $100 minimum.

Yeh, I guess something like ASUS RT-AX68U or Xiaomi Router AX1800 could work

Belkin RT3200, $80-90, if you're in US.

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