ASUS RT-N12+ (MT7260N) wifi problem. Very weak signal

If i move my phone more than 0.5m router i get disconnects. Even if I get connected to router i get pings jumping from 50 to 3000 ms. I tried to connect to my PC with the same result. Stock firmware from ASUS and Padavan is working fine. What I have tried so far:

  • Prebuild images (19.07.7 & 21.02.0-rc1)
  • Building form source with different flavors of hostapd (full, basic, wpad)
  • Practically every option related with power, antenna settings and radio settings in /etc/config/wireless
  • Disabling wpad service, setting up own basic conf file, than running hostapd
  • iw commands:
    • iw wlan0 set txpower fixed 2000 (possible to set)
    • iw wlan0 set txpower limit 2000 (possible to set)
    • setting region with iw reg set (possible to set)
    • iw phy0 set antenna does not work (not supported)
  • Browsing RT28XX code but this is too complex.

I think the problem lies in a driver. Can anyone point me the the right direction ?

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