ASUS Rt-N12 D1 installation file

Hi, I have the subject router, it is supported according to the TOH. It has the latest Asus OEM firmware on it, no 3rd party wrt of any kind.

Upon working my way to the firmware download, all I can download is a .trx file (openwrt-22.03.5-bcm47xx-mips74k-asus_rt-n12-d1-squashfs.trx). But also on that page is the statement: "Use a Factory image to flash a router with OpenWrt for the first time. You normally do this via the web interface of the original firmware."

According the installation instructions, I should login to the router (in the usual way, I assume) go to firmware and " use this to install the “...factory.bin” firmware file of OpenWrt."

But I don't have a factory.bin. Only the .trx file is offered for download. So, I'm confused about what I should do / how to install OpenWrt.

Will a .trx file upload and install the same as a .bin file would?

Can someone pls clarify? Don't want to proceed and possibly brick it.

Thanks much!

it's just an extension ....

please read the top page warnings before you flash the device.