Asus RT-N11P sometimes reboot when torrenting


After upgrade to 18.06.2 router sometimes reboot when download torrent. It happens 1-2 times per hour. Regardless how many seeds (5 or 100). This has never before on official firmware or 18.06.1. Re-flashing and reset settings not help. I spent hours transferring files over the LAN (from PC to PC). No reboots. Download through browser on max speed. No reboots. Its happens ONLY WHEN TORRENTING something.
If in two months it has not been fixed, it is unlikely that they will be fixed at all. It may even transfer this bug to 18.06.3.
Why openwrt have some many bugs for some routers? DHCP not work properly and gives internal IP my ISP. In settings routers show like RT-N12+. LED diodes light even when cables not plug. Now problem with torrents. I understand that there will be even more problems with time. Maybe with popular models of routers and with good maintainers everything is different. But in my case it is not.

That's pretty much to expect especially if you have DHT/uTP enabled as you run out of RAM and possibly processing power depending on your connection speed.

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I wrote that on 18.06.1 and official firmware everything OK. Its a bug 18.06.2 ONLY.

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It's more than likely due to newer software having higher hardware requirements but feel free to file a bug report but I doubt you'll see much progress.

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You really think that 18.06.2 have fundamental differences in work when compared to 18.06.1? I doubt.
Wrote bug report waste of time. Nobody cares. I realized this a long time ago. They did not even bother to create the firmware for my router. Just made a bug port from another model with the same chipset.

Did you check how much free memory is available while torrenting.


I do. I'm actually shocked that your router doesn't crash when trying to browse to LuCI.