ASUS RT-AX82U unlock only AC mode

Hello, I have a ASUS RT-AX82U (, and it has N/AC/AX mixed wireless mode, I would like to use only the AC wireless mode, so i figured out that maybe I could use that on Open Wrt firmware. However, the RT-AX82U is not listed on the , so I started searching for an alternative. I found this topic , which says to use Asuswrt Merlin, I installed it on the RT-AX82U, but it didn´t gave me the AC only wireless mode, so, based on the tables, I´m trying to flash the OpenWrt 21.02 , but i´m having trouble finding which file to use. So far I got on these two links :
but there´s too many files, and I´m quiet a noobie on these things, anyone can help ?

it's broadcom chip so you won't find open driver with AC support with it.

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And you answered your own question, right there.

Not listed = not supported.

I understand that, but i´m trying what i can, this guy here apparently had tested on the RT-AX58U, which has the same processor that the RT-AX82U (BCM6750 ARM Cortex A7), and it worked, but i didnt understand what file i have to download to flash, on the sheet it has the column "Mapped to OpenWrt Target/Arch" and the correspondent to the BCM6750 ARM Cortex A7 is the "ipq40xx/arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4". I tried searching "ipq40xx/arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4" on the OpenWrt downloads but I only found this , and none of the files seems to be a flasheable firmware file.

AX58U isn't supported either, it's listed as supported by Merlin, as you said yourself.

As for the mapping, I guess you need to ask the creator of Naiveproxy.

Openwrt targets are in

On the beginning of the post he says "Tested on OpenWrt 21.02.", and what is a mapping ??

That's for the openwrt table, not the Merlin table.

Ask the writer about the mapping.

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