Asus RT-AX59U Flash RAM space


I am planning to buy the Asus rt-ax59u. Unfortunately, I cannot find any information in regard to the real amount of available Flash RAM. The wiki says 128MB but the actual available amount unfortunately is much less than that I assume.

How much of Flash RAM space is available after flashing OpenWrt?

Don't own this device but ist there something wrong with device page or Techdata?
After flashing it depends on the packages you install, minimum about 10Mb.

Thank you for those. The problem is, the Flash RAM those two pages show usually is not available after flashing. I bought a ASRock G10 recently and this devices can only use 32MB of its 128MB Flash RAM space. So, these pages miss this essential information in my opinion.

That's why I am asking, how much Flash RAM space will be available after flashing OpenWRT to the Asus RT-AX59U.

I have the RT-AX53U which also has a 128MB nand but for some strange reason the partition used for openwrt is only 33MB and after first install it has 26MB free space. I never looked into it because I only wanted to use it as access point and the storage is more than enough but it is strange

Flash and RAM are different aspects, better not to conflate them (but yes, you want 'decent amounts' of both).

The UBI partition on this device seems to be 252 MB, but I have no idea how large the UBI itself defines the UBI volumes (modern devices are typically designed around dual-firmware setups, which halves your space from the get-go, with more space 'lost' to other vendor partitions/ volumes).

EDIT: this suggests ~65 MB

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Thank you, I couldn't find this information. 65 MB is probably enough for some things to install.

as long as it's not samba :wink:

@frollic, unfortunately I was hoping to run samba. I have another router running with extroot and there samba only needs around 50MB. Are you sure, the ~65MB are not enough?

No, I'm not, I just know it's beefy.

There's also ksmbd, if samba won't fit.

Fresh install of OpenWRT.