Asus RT-AC66u LEDE/OpenWrt compatibility

i know this may be an old topic, but the only discussion i saw was from years ago.

does anyone know if openWRT/lede is supported on this router at this point?

i see that dd-wrt is supported, but i would rather not if i don't have to, dd-wrt is lacking 802.11r (FT) support. =/

i am guessing by the age of the router and chipsets that drivers would be available for the radios?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Doesn't look like it is in this list of supported devices

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OpenWrt would be lacking 5GHz support completely, and 2.4GHz would only be partially supported due to Broadcom wifi (BCM4331, BCM4360).

Given that there has been no progress during the last 5 years, and given that this device has a Broadcom chipset (with all its implications), I wouldn't set my hopes too high to get this device supported any time soon.

Most recent topic in this forum (without support for RT-AC66U):