Asus RT-AC59U Support

I am using the ASUS router RT-AC59U. I dont see a firmware available for this. The closest match I found is RT-AC58U. Looks like they have different hardware and hence I hope a cross flash will brick the router. Is there any other firmware that I can use on RT-AC59U ?

RT-AC59u, RT-AC58u v2, RT-AC57u v2 all use relatively new and unknown single core Qualcomm QCN5502 SoC. I believe there is no OpenWrt support at this time.

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I wonder if the asus RT-AC59U router will ever be supported or what is lacking in support. Because I'm having some performance issues with the stock firmware.
That's why I would like to install openwrt. I'm a bit of a layman on the subject but I can help with anything.

For everyone who owns this device (or v2), the development is tracked in this thread. The reason is that RT-AC57U v2 and RT-AC59U are identical devices.