Asus RT-AC51U snapshot - no LEDs - not merged to supported

Asus RT-AC51U (supported on snapshot)

Installed using Asus recovery tool using SNAPSHOT r5578-f704b64 (20 Dec 2017)
Installed luci-ssl via SSH

LAN IP 192.168.0.xx
WAN DHCP CLIENT in a 192.168.0 upstream router LAN getting allocated 192.168.0.yy
bridging set between LAN and WAN
ports 22,80,443 opened in firewall
no access to 192.168.0.xx from WAN (???)

1/ no blue LEDs for ethernet LAN 1-4

I was expecting a blue led to come on if I plugged in a network cable - it doesn't.

I looked in the LED config page of LUCI, but the page only has entries for 'wifi' and 'USB' - the dropdown LED type doesn't include a suitable item for ethernet.

[2/ deleted] - thought this 2017 model had Gigabit switch - it doesn't.

3/ why is this still on snapshot ?

Support for this was added here;a=commit;h=5f932988c3b65af14bd6e48a05cc2204b7aeb419

on 5 May.

There have been three Lede releases since this snapshot (17.01.2, 17.01.3 and 17.01.4), but this model is still on snapshot - the only Asus model still on snapshot.

Am I misunderstanding the development cycle here ? I thought once support was added, it would be off snapshot and in the next release ?


sorry, I don't understand your post

No mention of that in the last three change logs for stable...

How does a device move from snapshot to release then ? Does it have a nominated maintainer, or are all devices reviewed by a team ? Has it failed a specific acceptance test, or has it simply never been reviewed for inclusion in any release ? It's looking as if this device is orphaned and will never come off snapshot because no-one is interested in it ? Is that right ?

There are currently 98 routers that are snapshot only at this time, so I don't think the RT-AC51U is being singled out...[LEDE+Supported+Current+Rel_releasepage*~]=snapshot

Could be several reasons why it didn't make it to stable. You might contact Mathias Kresin directly, as he was the committer.

Isn't it because there's no driver for the 5ghz radio?