Asus RT-AC51U Openwrt fresh install

Hey there. I just got a new router (in topic). As Asus has discontinued updating this, I need to get openwrt installed here - if possible. On the router page I can find the firmware openwrt upgrade file(.bin) but I can't find any file for actually installing the Openwrt(.trx) - any advice on how to obtain this file?

From the same link.

7. Rename openwrt-XX.XX.X-ramips-mt7620-rt-ac51u-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin to factory.trx

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Thanks frollic. Im blind :slight_smile: Just didnt see the .trx file on the page here as it was on so many other router pages. And as this is my first time setting up openwrt, needless to say. Pretty confusing. :slight_smile:

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