Asus RT-AC51U + openwrt 19.07.2 > 'openvpn create 2 tun'?

I flashed openwrt 19.07.2 on my router Asus RT-AC51U, It work well connected with a netgear 4G modem, also i installed openvpn and i modified the config for not have dns leak using the tuto from openwrt and the killswitch too, but when i connect openvpn create 2 tun > tun0 and tun1

so when i connect to tun0 i have no connection to the vpn and when i connect to tun1 I am connected to my vpn (I connect the tun by changing it in network>interfaces>vpn..)

In the version 18 of openwrt I seen only one tun, my question is simple, to have 2 tun is normal ? if not how to repair that

i can see the 2 tun in ifconfig

So, finaly the second tun1 disapear in ifconfig ? I have only tun0 and connected to my vpn I don't changed anythings .... and also in interfaces the tun1 disapear ... is openwrt has corrected the problem ?

The number of your TUN interfaces typically depends on the number of VPN instances:

pgrep -f -a openvpn; uci show openvpn; head -v -n -0 /etc/openvpn/*

I understand now, it's when I active severals locations in vpn>openvpn, I activated 2 locations before for one now this is why the tun1 disapear :sweat_smile:


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