Asus Lyra (MAP AC-2200) radio clarification + flash stock firmware

Hi folks,

The page ( says

Note: The first 5 GHz radio (IPQ4019) is limited to ch. 36-64. The second 5 GHz radio (QCA9886), is limited to ch. 100-140.

However, everything I can see suggests that the radios are actually reversed. radio0 is QCA9886 and runs on channels 36-64, while radio2 is IPQ4019 and runs on channels 100-140. Looking at the device paths, radio1 and radio2 come off the SoC while radio0 is a separate PCI device. Are my units somehow back to front, is the page wrong, or is the software mis-reporting the radios to me?

While I'll probably never want to go back to the stock firmware, I'm curious. The page seems to suggest I'd only be able to flash from u-boot, but couldn't I do a mtd write, similar to how openwrt is bootstrapped on here?

mtd -r write MAP-AC2200_3.0.0.4_384_46249-g97d05bb.trx linux


You'd need serial console access to u-boot, while ASUS' has a tftp recovery method, it won't re-create the ubi volumes as needed for the OEM firmware (failing to boot).

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