Asus eeePC 1001PX

Hi !

New comer here, just wanted to give a big thank you to the community as after quite a lot of reading through the docs and the forums, I'm finally running my x86 based OpenWRT router in my 300/300 FTTH internet access.

I had one of these eeePC netbooks lying around without use and I wanted to get rid of the router provided by the FTTH operator, so I started investigating. I have had pfsense boxes in the past, but I quite liked the OpenWRT approach the SQM implementation.

So, I turned an unuseful little computer mobo into a powerful router just investing 35 EUR (41 USD) in a dual mini-PCIe gigabit ethernet card (the motherboard just has a fast ethernet adapter).

Unfortunately, the BIOS misses the "AC Power recovery" option in order to boot again in case of power loss, but I managed to get the same feature installing the pciutils and writing a zero byte in the 0xa4 register of the ISA bridge, adding the below to the rc.local:

/usr/sbin/setpci -s 0:1f.0 0xa4.b=0

So, worth considering giving these tiny laptops a second useful live. For sure, you, your mother or your friend has one of these forgot in a drawer as they become quite popular years ago.

Thanks !!


found card for 34.10 $

Also possible USB3 + HUB + USB3 <-> lan !!!