ASUS EeeBox EB1035 Mini PC as WIFI hotspot

Hallo everyone,

I am going to buy a mini-pc (model: ASUS EeeBox EB1035 Mini PC) with Wireless card of model: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485

I'd like to setup this mini-pc as WIFI hotspot to give internet wirless connection to my phone and home devices.

I am asking your support to let me know if anyone of you was successfully able to make this model above working with OpenWRT as wireless hotspot. Does OpenWRT support this ASUS EeeBox EB1035 and Qualcomm Atheros AR9485

Thanks a lot!

I don't really know why you are doing this since one router is cheaper, faster and much more reliable.

Plus routers have few antennas for better connectivity.

Answer is YES it should works with little hacks.


Thank you for response! I am doing this because I have a chance now to buy this mini-PC for 5 euros or less. so it is almost free. that is the answer for your why question.

can you do me a favor and elaborate more on what you referred as "little hacks", what are those "little hacks" to get ASUS EeeBox EB1035 Mini PC working with OpenWRT?

Thank you in advance!

OpenWrt x86 builds don't include any wifi packages by default so you will need to install them at run-time.

The card is ath9k which should be supported though there was an issue of whether the release kmod-ath9k-pci has the config option set to include support of desktop/laptop PCIe cards.

The wifi card being 2.4 only and 1x1 antenna does not offer a lot of speed. This box is not a good choice if the primary role is wifi AP. Your first cost may be low but it will use a lot more electricity than other options.


if you don;t find this model in a forum or wiki search then you'll find out by yourself those little hacks that are needed - like installation on ssd /sd card and configuring BIOS boot compared to flashing a supported router

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Thanks for such details!

Thank you! appreciated!

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