Asus DSL-N14U and OpenWrt cannot flash


I got by mistake DSL instead of RT-N14U. I tried to flash RT-N14U openwrt but without any success. I tried both tftp and rescue.exe methods. My aim is to use this router to switch between LAN and WIFI and to use USB port for streaming audio. Has somebody tried it with this beast ?

Thank you.

To add, inside there are Ralink RT63365E, m13s5121632a, MX25L12835FMI. This is 16MB FLASH and 64MB SDRAM so I suppose openwrt can run on it. I made photos of the PCB, too.

ASUS DSL-N14U is currently not supported by OpenWrt.
There are no OpenWrt images ready for downloading available.

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…and RT63365E basically guarantees that there 'never' will be, as the whole SOC isn't supported.


So this is a bad news for me. Thank you.

Edit: I found this topic in the archive:
Does it continue somehow ?