Asus DSL-AC68U works with RT-AC68U firmware, but CPU clocks are slower, how to overclock them back?

This is a valuable info here, you guys might want to add this to the wiki. But there is a caveat...
But, CPU speeds are slower, this router in original Asus firmware has 1500Mhz speed. On the wiki there is this info about overclocking
nvram set clkfreq=1400,800 && commit
But it says commit command is not found. Is it now "uci commit" or something? Because afterwards I say nvram show clkfreq and it still says 800?

How I did it: Yes you can record this, DSL-AC68U works with RT-AC68U just fine. I think it's because they are both broadcom CPU's. DSL-AC68U doesn't have a DSL, so I selected lan4 as wan device. I needed VLAN ID 35, so I changed it manually and set it as "lan4.35", and it worked! I flashed via atftp, not cfe web server. ATFTP way works too, same as RT-N18U.

Another problem is that I set lan4 as wan, but when I reboot, router gets a weird IP and doesn't connect to the internet. Only when I reboot, if I unplug the lan4 cable, then after 2 min I plug in the lan4(wan) cable, it works normally.

Also same problem in 23.05 as Asus RT-N18U, no default route. 22.03.05 works fine.

Try nvram commit

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I tried that and rebooted. Now ethernet won't connect. Too much overclock maybe?

Certainly possible start with 1000?

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I think it's somehow bricked? I am trying to reach through TFTP again, but the power button doesn't blink like before, indicating to receive TFTP packages. When I put things to it, it's stuck on timeout too. I don't understand, this is already capable of going 1600Mhz.

There is a warning about overclocking on the page you shared so it is not uncommon.

If a normal reset does not work do a hard reset with the WPS button

Next step is serial

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Nevermind I got 4 of these, I atftp'ed another one lol. I'll fix it later. Anyway, so if this works, if someone made an image for the actual 1600MHz one, that would also work too. Please how can I make image for it? This is a very good router even without the WIFI.
Btw, if I don't nvram commit, does it only work until next reboot? If that, that is also fine by me..

I am not sure about that but I think clock speed is set at boot up.
If so only changing the nvram parameter does not change the clock speed.
But that is something you can easily check with one of the other routers you have.

I found it, it was nvram commit. Anyway, Best I could do was 1200Mhz CPU, 800 MHz ram clock. Even 1210 made the device brick. I debricked it back. With this command:
nvram set clkfreq=1200,800 && nvram commit; reboot
It works, not original 1600Mhz but good enough.